I said I wouldn’t do this but…: Politics, Relationships, & Hope


I really am reluctant to write this blog post as it is not the focus of our blog.  However, the world we live in is going crazy right now over the election results.  What is bothering me, more than anything, is the fact that family and friends are being torn apart over this.  This is why I have chosen to no longer remain silent and share some insights that will hopefully help people find the resolve to heal.


  • The Election is over!  The Results are in!  There are no amount of protests or petitions that will change this fact.  This is the rule of law in our great nation and protected by the Constitution.  Changes to the Constitution may, in fact, come some day.  But, as of today, that is not going to happen right now.
  • Your family and friends still need you after the election; just like they did before the election.  They haven’t changed who they were by casting a vote for their preferred candidate.
  • We will survive this new president.  We have survived all previous presidents from both sides of the aisle.
  • Changes will happen and some of those changes will be better and some may not be.

I am not here to argue for one side of the aisle or the other.  Both camps ran nasty and hurtful campaigns.  Enormous amounts of fake news sites stirred our emotions and fears about the future of our country.  In so much, we cannot be absolutely sure about what stories and details are true and which ones were fake.

My opinions about politics are irrelevant outside of my own household.  There are very close friends that know some of my opinions and political preferences but they do not know the full depth of those thoughts and feelings.  No, that is reserved for my wife and children to know.  Heather and I are fortunate to be equally yoked with regards to politics but there are plenty of married couples who are not and it can be difficult to navigate.

A friend of mine from the Christian Marriage Bloggers Association, Chris Taylor, The Forgiven Wife, recently wrote about her own experience in being unequally yoked with her husband in the political realm.  The article can be found here: POLITICS, DISAGREEMENT, AND RELATIONSHIP DAMAGE.  She very eloquently outlined the boundaries they have for maintaining a happy marriage despite their differences.


The day after the election, I was faced with a reality:  I have friends that are happy and friends that are unhappy about the election results.  Because I value all of my friendships, I have remained mostly silent and have done everything in my power to understand the hurt and fears some friends were experiencing.  Some things, I just don’t understand, but I do listen and make every effort to be encouraging and plant seeds of hope in a better tomorrow.  Personally, my hope is in Jesus Christ and not in politicians.  I’m no expert, but I imagine that Jesus is neither Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, or any other political affiliation.  He has his own constitution and we call it the Bible.

As a Christian, I am called to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the world.  I cannot do that if I am destroying personal relationships at the same time.  I do not feel that Jesus would be happy about that.


I would ask that we all take a step back from what is going on in Washington; let those things happen in their own time.  Turn the news off, turn your phones off, and gather the ones you love together and get back to living the life you had with them before the election divided us.  Go out and have a meal together, watch your favorite sporting event, have a drink, and enjoy those who you have invested in and that have invested in you. Become the agent of healing in the world around you.  Don’t allow the fear and worry of things that might happen rob you of living today.  A friend of mine, Kelsie McMurtry, posted this quote the other day and I think it speaks to where we are in society right now.

Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its troubles; it empties today of its strengths.

We are bound by so much more in common than we are separated by differences.  Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness are important to all of us.  We may define what that means to each of us differently but we all hope for it.  Focus your efforts on the relationships you chose and invest in the reasons to bond together and let go of the few reasons to separate.  Our lives are too short to allow things to destroy our friends and family.  We cannot do life alone and we don’t have to.  We have each other. We are Life Travelers.

Best Regards,


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