About Us


About us

We celebrated our 26th anniversary in 2016.  It is so uncommon in our society today for a couple to last this long in their first marriage.  We were married at the age of 18 and now have 2 beautiful daughters.  We created this site in honor of our marriage as Life Travelers.

Our Story

We are your typical married couple. We have faced many struggles in life.  We faced divorce, successfully raised two daughters, worked our way through college while raising children, have been bankrupt along the way, and somehow we always come out on top.  God's grace and mercy have lead us to grow beyond our limitations and excel in our marriage.  We want to share that story with you through this blog and hope that you find encouragement and healing in your own life.

Meet the Family

This is our little family.  (From left to right)

Kassondra - Our youngest daughter
Dustin - Our son-in-law
Mindy - Our oldest daughter who is married to Dustin
Heather - Mother to these beautiful girls
Tim - The guy in charge (right...)