Our Story: Not really high school sweethearts… – Part 1

Heather and I have vastly different stories to tell from this time period of our lives.  We were in two completely different mental and emotional states.  We have decided to tell this segment of our lives, and perhaps others, separately in order to give a clear perspective of the stage from which we launched our lives together.

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Survey: Struggles in Marriage/Relationship

We value your opinion on relationship struggles. Results are completely anonymous and only the poll answers are collected.  Feel free to elaborate in the comments sections if you would like to do so or send us a private message.  We would love to hear your story.

Tim & Heather


Welcome to Life Travelers.  20150602_163205We are Tim and Heather Key and over 26 years ago we said “I Do” and
“We Have” ever since.  It has been our heart’s desire for many years to help other’s experience the joy that we have found in marriage.  We get asked all the time, “How do you do it?” and the answer to that questions is always the same… We work at it!

If you know us in real life, then you know that Heather and I appear to be a newlywed couple or like we are a dating couple.  We learned the hard way that dating and working on our relationship throughout our married life is one of the most important things that we, as a couple, need to do.  In fact, we go out on dates more now than we did when we were actually a dating.  We just love being with each other more than anything else and God’s grace and mercy allows us to shine God’s light in a world dominated by divorce and broken families.

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